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Physics Experiment Model

1/12 zinc alloy diesel engine carburetor hg 6ass-p01 for hg-p602 rc car vehicles model 1/12 zinc alloy diesel engine carburetor hg 6ass-p01 for hg-p602 rc car vehicles model
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Model: 10240
Boost Your HG-P602 RC Car's Performance with the Zinc Alloy Diesel Engine Carburetor HG 6ASS-P01If you're a proud owner of the HG-P602 RC Car, you know the importance of having a high-performance engine to make the most out of your remote-controlled vehicle. The right engine can significantly impact..
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Model: 10137
Level 10 High Voltage Marx Generator DIY Lightning Educatinal ModelFeatures:.The product's input voltage is 24V. The maximum output voltage is 100 000. The arc measures 9 cm.High quality: Capacitor with a withstand voltage of 30 kV and a 2000 pF capacitance, capacitance with high voltage, huge capac..
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Model: 10235
    Electrolysis of Water Generator Heating Process Principle Science Physical Experiment Teaching Model High Efficiency Lager Size The benefits of the dry type oxyhydrogen generator are high efficiency, high gas output, simple maintenance, and exquisite heat dissipation. There is no ..
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Model: 10003
Electrolysis of Water Generator Machine Hydrogen and Oxygen SeparationFeatures:This hydrogen and oxygen separation electrolysis of water generator is a highly cost-effective gas manufacturing device. It allows for the independent collection of hydrogen and oxygen, significantly enhancing safety and ..
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Model: 10188
Motor Principle Description Instrument DIY Toy Physical Experiment Teaching Equipment for StudentFeatures:Enhancing Education Through Visible MechanicsPromote interactive learning with our educational product that unveils the inner workings of motors. By providing a tangible demonstration of motor p..
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Model: 10060
Multi Stage Steam Turbine Physics Equipment Demonstration Educational ToysFeatures: The multi-stage steam turbine model is designed for use in class laboratory demonstrations. It consists of three mobile impellers and two static impellers housed within the cylinder. The first impeller is driven b..
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Model: 10169
Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy Heat Engine Physical Experiments Toys Features:Engine Principle: After heat treatment, the shape memory alloy boasts memory, which modifies the shape by changing the temperature at the phase transition point. Straightening the nickel-titanium wire. High temperatures will ..
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