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Electromagnetic Motor

3 cylinder micro radial solenoid engine 6-12v 3 cylinder micro radial solenoid engine 6-12v
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Model: 10243
3 Cylinder Micro Radial Solenoid Engine 6-12V Features:.The small star three-cylinder electromagnetic engine model has beautiful craftsmanship, is constructed of metal for a mechanical feel, and has components that are precisely mixed for exact manufacturing technology.  .The engine m..
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Model: 10130
500g DIY Magnetic Levitation Module Features:Technical decorations: The float floats and rotates in mid-air, operates reliably, and the motherboard has LED lights, making it seem cooler to play in low light. Small and lightweight items can be transported on the suspended platform..Magnetic Levitatio..
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Model: 10153
6-12V 5A All-metal V4 Electromagnetic Engine Model Science Experiment Engine Toy Note: this is a custom hand-made item, which spends about a month to make it. if you can't wait for such a long time, pls don't order. Features:Parameters:Piston Diameter: 10mmPiston Stroke: 7-8mmPower: 6-12V, 5A..
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Model: 10029
6-12V Single Cylinder Electromagnetic Solenoid Valve Engine Model Features:Single-cylinder Electromagnetic Engine Model, tiny cannon modeling, developed with CAM, the main body is composed of metal material, and the overall mechanical sense is complete. Fine production, workmanship, and the ideal co..
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Model: 10288
8 Coils High Power Electromagnet Engine Model Physical Experiment MotorFeatures:Exquisite Appearance:Feast your eyes on the Magnetic Levitation Display, boasting an exquisite design with high-precision cut acrylic support. The transparency of the material ensures a clear view, while its durability a..
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Model: 10255
8-stage Coil Star Disk Motor 5000-10000rpm Electric Machine Physical Experiment ModelFeatures:Mesmerizing Appearance:The mesmerizing Magnetic Rotating Display boasts a total of eight coils, featuring an upper and lower double-layer coil structure with a trapezoidal hollow coil design. Its striking a..
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Model: 10159
Metal Six-cylinder Brushless Electromagnetic Engine Model Scientific Educational ToysFeatures:A 6-cylinder electromagnetic engine model with exquisite appearance was created using a star engine as a prototype. Mini-dominant, highly simulated, and magnetic brushless power define the appearance. It is..
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Model: 10083
Brushless Magnetic Suspension Hall Motor Engine Stem Toy (Random Color Light)Features:The drive circuit is merged with the coil, and there is no use of modularity. improved circuit design and effective driving strategyThe rotating module has a straightforward appearance and a flywheel architecture.T..
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double cylinder electric flat-twin solenoid engine electromagnetic motor double cylinder electric flat-twin solenoid engine electromagnetic motor
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Model: 10272
Double Cylinder Electric Flat-twin Solenoid Engine Electromagnetic Motor Features:Features: The flat double-cylinder electromagnetic engine model is a professional model toy that can clearly display your personality. It has an elegant, diminutive, yet imposing appearance, high restoration, and power..
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Model: 10249
Magnetic Levitation Module Device Maglev Furnishing Articles Load-bearing 150gFeatures:.Interesting Decoration:The metal platform is suspended in the air utilising the magnets' repulsion property. To boost the impression of science and technology, dolls can be suspended from the metal platform and 1..
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Model: 10105
Magnetic Suspension Kit with 12V Power SupplyFeatures:Scientific Toys: These require self-assembly and include a shell support, a 12V power supply, and other plug-in components. offers strategies and instructions. It is a very cool technological desk ornament and a great tool for physics and electro..
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Model: 10187
Mini 9 Cylinder Electromagnetic Motor Radial Solenoid Engine Brushless Motor Model Technology  Features:Characteristics: The star nine-cylinder electromagnetic engine model highly simulates the realistic model with brushless ESC, supporting forward and reverse rotation. It is designed with a re..
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