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Internal combustion engine

Model: 10038
1.6cc Miniature Horizontal 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Gas Engine IC Engine Model with Speed Limiter M20Features:Mini Micro Engine: Made of brass and stainless steel with a hardwood base for convenient positioning and handling, this horizontal Hit and Miss engine has a speed limit and a wind cooling sy..
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Model: 10026
1.6cc Miniature Vertical OHV Motorcycle Model Engine Single-cylinder Four-stroke Internal Combustion Engine Model R27 Features:.The miniature gasoline engine model, which is based on the shaft-driven single-cylinder motorcycle engine from the 1960s, beautifully captures the essence of several eras...
$459.99 $459.99
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Model: 10093
1.9cc Miniature Gasoline Model Engine Old Tractor Engine Four-stroke Water-cooled Internal Combustion Engine Model Features:Retro Engine: A miniature gasoline engine model that uses gasoline as a fuel but has the same structural layout as a real diesel engine. When the machine is turned on, a small ..
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Model: 10210
10Pcs Rubber O Rings for M90 Hit and Miss Horizontal Gasoline EngineFeatures:.100% brand new.Specifications:.Color: As Shown.Material: Rubber.Product Weight: 10g.Package Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 3cm.Package Weight: 15g.Packing: BagPackage Content:.10 x Rubber O Ring..
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Model: 10045
15cc Four-stroke OHV Engine Model Vertical Single-cylinder ICE EngineFeatures:.Industrial Engine: The vertical OHV single-cylinder four-stroke gasoline engine is built with an independent lubricating system to fill 4T engine oil separately and electronic igniter equipment. It also has a flexible cyl..
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Model: 10026
16 Cylinder Swashplate Stirling Engine Model Aircraft Engine Mechanical Toy 16stl-2.0Features:.Appearance: This intricately constructed model has a strong, robust appearance that exudes an upward movement. It exhibits both fierceness and elegance while maintaining precision and freedom..Equipment: T..
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Model: 10104
2.6cc OHV 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Water-Cooled Gas Engine IC Engine Model with Governor H73Features:.Mini Engine: This is a brass and stainless steel vertical single-cylinder engine with a hardwood base for simple positioning and handling. It has a speed limit mechanism and radiator..Exquisite Work..
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Model: 10082
Piston Ring for M16 Engine ModelSpecifications:.Material: Plastic.Product Weight: 25g.Package Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 5cm.Package Weight: 35g.Packing: Bag  ..
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Model: 10141
The outstanding Hit and Miss Engine Blind Box set, a real collector's treat, is now available! Get ready to experience not just one, but two captivating hit-and-miss engines as you set out on an amazing voyage into the realm of old mechanical marvels. Additionally, this exceptional deal enables you ..
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Model: 10076
3.2cc Mini Flat-twin Motorcycle Engine Model  4 Stroke Gas Interal Combustion Engine Model R69 Features:.Motorcycle Engine: A two-cylinder internal combustion engine having cylinders on either side of the crankshaft is referred to as a flat-twin engine. The boxer-twin engine, in which both..
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4 stroke watercooled metal 1.6cc gasoline engine- m17 hit and miss engine with speed governor 4 stroke watercooled metal 1.6cc gasoline engine- m17 hit and miss engine with speed governor
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Model: 10102
4 Stroke Watercooled Metal 1.6cc Gasoline Engine- M17 Hit and Miss Engine with Speed Governor Features: Mini Micro: This little Hit and Miss engine is constructed with care from brass and stainless steel. It has a hardwood base for easy placement and operation, as well as a flywheel speed-limi..
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Model: 10212
4Pcs/set Bolts for M16 Engine Internal Combustion Engine Model (for SKU 3158078, 3160078)Specifications:.Material: Metal.Product Weight: 80g.Package Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 4cm.Package Weight: 100g.Packing: Bag..
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