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Model: 10103
12V High Power Permanent Blue Magnet DC generator for HOWIN/ENJOMOR/RETROL/SEMTO Engine Models ModificationFeatures:This miniature DC generator model is made of metal and has a realistic appearance that precisely restores accurate details.Generates a current of roughly 1A and a voltage of 12V to pow..
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Model: 10011
Building a 1/20 Working Jet Turbofan Engine Model Kit SilverFeatures:.This moveable model is a turbofan engine for an aircraft based on the original TR900 engine from the Airbus A380.Enables observation of the turbofan engine's operating mode through observable external components. This model has a ..
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Model: cdi-ignition-with-spark-plug-starter-kit-for-retrol-hm-01-hit-an
CDI Ignition with spark Plug Starter Kit for RETROL HM-01 Hit and Miss Engine ModelFeatures:The 1/4-32 ME-8 type spark plug with British thread and the CDI high-voltage pulse igniter are explicitly made for the RETROL HM-01 Hit and Miss engine model. We efficiently facilitate insertion and operation..
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Model: 10281
CISON FG-VT9 9cc V-twin V2 Engine Four-stroke Air-cooled Motorcycle RC Gasoline EngineThe newest batch of the CISON V2 engine has been upgraded from 9cc to 15.7cc, the same displacement as the Cison Shovelhead V-twin engine model. So, the manual for this engine indicates FG-15VTS.After they sold out..
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Model: 10127
Hoglet V-Twin Engine Four-Stroke Gas Miniature Motorcycle Engine with Pedal Start H08 Features:.This little petrol engine model, which is based on the classic Hoglet twin-cylinder motorbike engine from the previous century, fascinatingly evokes the essence of many eras..The detailed model, which wa..
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Model: 10202
Mini DC Generator with Rectifier Fixed Bracket for CISON Inline Four Engine DIY Modification Upgrade Note: this generator is universal to use for most model engine.  Features:.This miniature DC generator, which is made of alloy, restores accurate features to an extreme with a genuine appearan..
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Model: 10131
Plug-in Musical Nixie Tube Spectrum Analyzer Audio PlayerFeatures:.Noise Reduction: Features a simple one-button filtering function that eliminates background noise in the environment, greatly reducing the volume-related flickering of the audio lamp..Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment: This light can ..
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Model: 10247
RETROL Evolution R33 V-twin 4.2CC OHV Four-stroke Motorcycle Gasoline Engine Model Features:. Based on the EVOLUTION V-twin motorcycle engine from the 1970s, a highly iconic powerplant that superbly captures the essence of many eras..This engine, one of the most sophisticated engines, exudes a nost..
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Model: 10244
Split-Type Exhaust Pipe for HOWIN ENGINE L6-210 Engine ModelFeatures:Custom Exhaust Pipe for HOWIN L6 Engine ModelThis exhaust pipe is meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the HOWIN L6 engine model.High-Quality Metal Construction: Constructed using metal and fabricated using cutting-edge 3D..
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Model: 10244
Turbojet Engine Gasoline Kerosene Internal Combustion Mini Model Engine Features:. Introducing the remarkable Working Turbofan Jet Engine Kit, an exciting desktop model that combines aesthetics with functionality. Priced at just over $200, this kit allows you to build a captivating jet engine repl..
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Model: 10030
product information:material: plastic;Color: black, cyan;Product name: DC generator model;Size: 79*43*55mm;Weight: 275g;Spindle link mode: belt link/shaft link;Generating voltage: 5-12V;Speed range: 1000-3000rpm;Applicable age: 14+;Packing method: boxed;Packing list: generator model *1.Features:1. T..
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Model: update-distributor-wire-set-for-toyan-howin-fs-v800g-v8-engine-m
Update Distributor Wire Set for TOYAN × HOWIN FS-V800G Gas V8 Engine ModelFeatures:Compatible with the petrol engine model TOYAN HOWIN FS-V800G and other comparable engine models.Better quality: Superior quality with long lifespan, outstanding performance, and durability.Please contact us with any q..
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