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Stirling Engine Model

Model: 10284
1 Set of Track for Retro Stirling Engine Rocket Locomotive Steam Train Model L1Features:completely new.Specifications:.Color: As Shown.Material: Metal.Product Weight: 400g.Package Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 10cm.Package Weight: 500g.Packing: BoxPackage Content:.1Set x Track..
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102pcs diy metal revolutionary stirling engine powered 3 wheels car vehicle model a1 102pcs diy metal revolutionary stirling engine powered 3 wheels car vehicle model a1
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Model: 10021
102pcs DIY Metal Revolutionary Stirling Engine Powered 3 Wheels Car Vehicle Model A1Features: Story Origin ----- A blacksmith by the name of Hans Hautsch created the first automobile in 1649. It had four wheels and could move at a speed of 1.6 km/h under its own power. Robert Stirling crea..
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Model: 10007
  16 Cylinder Stirling Engine Model Creative Motor Engine Generator Toy Engine   Description:.Color: Silver.Material: Stainless Steel + Soild Wood.Model: 16 Cylinders (8 Heating Pipes + 8 Cooling Pipes).Product Size: 21.5*10*16.5cm.Product Weight: 950g.Package Dimensions: 30*20*25cm.Pac..
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Model: 10238
16 Cylinder Swash Plate Engine Stirling Engine Model Physics Educational ToysFeatures:This swash plate's 16-cylinder Stirling engine model is primarily built of stainless steel, with additions of brass, alloy aluminium, and other materials.The entire appearance is furious and elegant, rigorous and f..
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Model: 10155
2 Cylinders Hot Air Balance Type Generator Stirling Engine Model with Voltage Meter Bulb Fan Physical Experiment Educational ToyFeatures:.Novel Shape: It is a two-cylinder balance-type structure with a small generator that is heated by alcohol. The engine works steadily at high speed and produces el..
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Model: 10281
3D Ferris Wheel Stirling Engine Mechanical Model DIY Assembly for AdultFeatures:.The appearance is exquisite and distinctive, commanding and eye-catching, full of mechanical and technological sense, excellent high-end precision metal crafts, exquisite desktop model decorations, and they have a great..
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4-wheeled stirling engine powered car model steam scientific experiment educational toys 4-wheeled stirling engine powered car model steam scientific experiment educational toys
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Model: 10005
4-Wheeled Stirling Engine Powered Car Model STEAM Scientific Experiment Educational ToysFeatures:Innovative Design: An exceptionally original design idea. The Stirling engine is used to turn the automobile model into a toy car that can be started, which is more intriguing because it is an example of..
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Model: 10235
Adjustable Speed Stirling Engine Model Toy with Vertical Flywheel Science Experiment note: flywheel color is random. The estimated shipping time is in February 2023. Features:Design Innovation: This Stirling engine model's design is innovative and distinctive, with a simple and exquisite ..
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Model: 10053
Air-Cooled Metal Vertical Stirling Engine with Flywheel Fan Model Education ToyFeatures:.The Stirling engine model uses a flywheel and fan made of aluminium alloy. The primary body and bracket are built of an aluminium alloy with an anodized surface that is highly reflective of metal. Crafts with a ..
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Model: 10247
Alcohol Lamp Engine Parts for EngineFeatures:.100% brand new..For Crowd: 14+Specifications:.Color: As Shown.Material: Glass.Product Weight: 20g.Package Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 10cm.Package Weight: 100g.Packing: BoxPackage Content:.1 x Alcohol Lamp..
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Model: 10209
 Alcohol Powered Mini Tractor with Fire Stirling EngineFeatures:.Tractor Model: The inventive and mobile tractor model uses a real tiny Stirling engine in conjunction with a windproof cowl shaped like a ferocious skull on the head to supply power and drive the tractor..Skillful Manufacture:The ..
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Model: 10158
Alpha Hot Air Horizontal Opposed Generator Stirling Engine Model Science ToyFeatures: Based on the Stirling principle, this science toy offers a fun and informative Stirling engine, an external combustion engine that can be swiftly and elegantly started by gently pushing the wheel while it is being..
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