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Steam Engine Model

Model: 10157
1.85CC Single-cylinder Double Acting Vertical Steam Engine with 200ml Boiler ModelFeatures:.You will find it difficult to take yourself away from the beautiful and portable steam model since it is so simple to set up and play with in your hands..The premium quality model, which is mostly made of bra..
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Model: 10267
230ML Vertical Steam Boiler Model for Ship Marine Steam Engine ModelFeatures:.The boiler has a 260mm overall height, an 85mm diameter, a 120mm length, a 0.5MPA valve pressure, and a 230ML capacity.High-temperature paint is used on the boiler's exterior, while insulating materials are used inside the..
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Model: 10124
3.7CC Two cylinder Double Acting Steam Engine Model with 200ml Steam Boiler Features:.You will find it difficult to take yourself away from the beautiful and portable steam model since it is so simple to set up and play with in your hands..The premium quality model, which is mostly made of bras..
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Model: 10104
This particular DC generator type is the ideal fusion of superior performance and a chic, contemporary style. It is made from a sturdy metal and given an elegant and long-lasting gloss with electrophoretic spray painting. This generator has a digital voltage display, a maximum output power of 60W at..
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Model: 10180
Assembly Rocket Locomotive Steam Train Retro Stirling Engine Model (No Track )Features:Origins: In 1829, the fabled Rocket triumphed in the "Rainhill Trials," a contest to determine the greatest form of transportation for the railroad of the time. The sole locomotive to finish the trials successfull..
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Model: 10223
Bell Whistles for Steam Locomotive Engine M30 M30B M31 M3B S10 S11B Features:.The steam engine bell whistles, which are suited for engine types M30, M30B, M31, M31B, S10, S10B, and others, may produce a very clear sound when connected to the engine. The sound increases with bell proximity to the bot..
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Model: 10270
Boiler Feedwater Pump for Steam Engine M30/M30B/M31/M3B/S10/S10BFeatures:.The M30, M30B, M31, M31B, S10, S10B, and other engine types are compatible with the boiler feedwater pump for steam engines that is operated by connecting the boiler and engine..Working Principle:One ahead and one behind check..
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Model: 10250
Brass Mini Steam Engine Model without Boiler for Model ShipFeatures:Beautiful Appearance: The steam engine model is little and unusual. It is tiny and lovely.High Quality: Exquisite and lovely metal construction. Its surface is brilliant and well-made in the details.Instructions for Use: The boiler ..
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Model: 10115
Control Valve for KACIO Steam Engine Boiler ModelFeatures:.The control valve is suitable for KACIO steam engine model.Specifications:.Material: Brass.Product Weight: 40g.Package Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 3cm.Package Weight: 50g.Packing: Box.Ages: 14+   Package 1* Valve..
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Model: 10277
Crank Connecting Rod Assembly Kit for Vertical Steam Engine ModelSpecifications:.Material: Metal.Product Weight: 120g.Package Weight: 150g.Package Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 5cm.Paking: Bag .1 x Crank Connecting Rod Assembly Kit..
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Model: 10204
Cylinder Part for Mini Hot Live Steam Engine ModelElevate Your Mini Hot Live Steam Engine Model with the Cylinder Part:Upgrade and enhance your miniature steam engine model with the Cylinder Part, meticulously designed to ensure optimal performance and durability. Crafted with precision and care, th..
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Model: 10007
 Cylinder Valve for Steam Engine M3/M30B/M31/M3B/S10/S10B Features:.The valve works with disposable petrol cans with threaded outlets, including Tamar, Parasene and Colman. Instead of utilising petrol tanks that need to be inflated, this enables users to power their boats.It has a thread that..
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