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Cison Engine Model

In China's swiftly evolving model engine sector, our DiyEngineModel team has been at the forefront, capitalizing on the industry's expansive growth over the past five years. As the market burgeons with an increasing array of products and the influx of competitors, the challenge of maintaining our leadership position and fostering innovation amidst a crowded landscape has become our central focus.

After much deliberation on this critical issue this year, we've undertaken significant strategic adjustments in our approach to this year's major product launches. In our collaboration with suppliers on these groundbreaking new products, we've prioritized confidentiality, keeping details under wraps during the early stages of research and development. This commitment to secrecy has been costly, with prototype development exceeding 50,000, but our preparations are now complete, and we are poised for the unveiling.

We are excited to announce the imminent launch of two distinct engine models at the end of October, each featuring a unique structural design. These models draw inspiration from the iconic American V8 small block series, revered throughout the history of automotive engineering. We aim to achieve the highest fidelity in design replication, setting a new benchmark for model engine quality and craftsmanship in China.

Highlighted Features of Our Upcoming Engines:

  • OHV Version with Electrophoretic Paint: Utilizing electrophoretic painting techniques to reproduce classic engine colors authentically.
  • Durability and Precision: High-angle, wear-resistant cams and enlarged intake valves for superior performance.
  • Robust Support and Lubrication Systems: This includes a five-point support camshaft and an advanced lubrication system to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Enhanced Components: Featuring reinforced, wear-resistant connecting rods and dual cast iron piston rings for reliability and longevity.
  • Innovative Ignition and Cooling Solutions: A high-performance distributor and a specially designed low-temperature intake pipe to maximize power without overheating.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Utilizing five-axis CNC machining for unparalleled accuracy in engine component fabrication.

Technical Specifications:

  • Engine Scale: Approximately 1:6, embodying the flathead and overhead versions with similar dimensions and capabilities.
  • Displacement: Roughly 44cc, with a bore size of 18.5 and a stroke of 20.5.
  • Performance Range: Designed to operate within a 1500~10000rpm range, with a power output of around 4.8ps.

As we approach the launch of these exemplary engines, we remain committed to innovation and excellence. Our dedication to capturing the essence of the classic V8 and our investment in cutting-edge manufacturing techniques reflects our mission to lead the market through quality, design, and technological advancement. Stay tuned for the unveiling of these engines, set to redefine standards within the model engine community and beyond.

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